The Social Strategist

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Chapter 1

“Charismatic people are that way not because they have access to a bunch of techniques most of us don’t. But, because they execute many of their social fundamentals a little better than normal… Social skills are skills like any other…in the end, you have to practice to really get things down.” —Chris MacLeod, The Social Skills Guidebook

Lucio agrees. The most charismatic people are not using any special techniques, they’re simply executing the fundamentals better than most.

If at any point in time throughout this book you feel like things are getting “too advanced” for you or that there has to be an easier way, be patient with yourself before you throw in the towel. Social skills are a skill set. There is no magic technique, insider tip, or quick hack to get good at them—especially not if you want to reach the advanced level. Social skills are a skill like any other that take time and practice before you can gain any understanding or mastery in them.

With that said, feel free to go back over any points that you feel you don’t quite understand yet as many times as you need. The information you’ll discover in this book (including this chapter) is unlike anything the common self-help literature is teaching, and it’s certainly not taught in school. So, it’s completely OK to take your time learning and understanding the concepts, strategies, and techniques you are going to get from this point forward.

Now, finally, let’s start with the very first thing you need to know to develop advanced social skills. The social exchange.

The social exchange is foundational to how the most successful high-achievers of this world navigate their relationships. With this chapter, you’ll learn how to navigate your relationships like a high-achiever too.

First, let’s start with a definition:

“The social exchange theory is a framework model that looks at social relationships as exchanges among individuals who seek to maximize their selfish interests.”

The social exchange theory starts from the proven premise that people prefer relationships that add value to their lives. These are the relationships that advance their interests, make them feel good, and generally make them better off.

Overview & Preview

6 Chapters

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In The Social Strategist, you’ll discover:

– The importance of building a strong social circle for enhanced support and to open new doors

– How to influence others so your rate of success increases with each negotiation

– Why raising your social standing is imperative to stepping up the ladder of achievement

– Ways to achieve the best possible outcomes of successful communication and negotiations through science-backed training

– A list of real-life, everyday power moves, practical and actionable scripts, and much, much more!

Sample Pages

Thorough, practical, and straight to the point information on how to understand, implement and refine your social skills. An excellent starting point for anyone wanting to gain more benefit in their social interactions, while also reciprocating benefit to to the people you interact with.

Shane Summers

An excellent guide. The book is written in the easily-digestible language, relayed through a common-sense type of logic, using daily examples of human interactions and is relatable to all gender and age audiences.


Inspirational. I found this book extremely inspirational and challenging...I felt/feel that the authors grasped my challenges and inspired me in moving forward, learning and growing. Would highly recommend this book.

Alex Gayl

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